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Connecting your channels to Buffer

📝 If you see that your social channel is marked as "Unavailable" (like this), checkout our article: Why channels are appearing as "Unavailable" when attempting to connect them to Buffer

Connecting your channels is the first step to taking full advantage of your Buffer account. Once you connect your channels to Buffer, you open the gates to Buffer's features so you can publish posts, analyze your results, and engage with your comments.

Feel free to watch this video or follow the steps below.

We support 10 social networks + Buffer's own Start Page 👇

Channel Publishing Analytics Engagement
Facebook Pages
Facebook groups    
Instagram business accounts
Twitter profiles  
LinkedIn Pages  
LinkedIn profiles    
Pinterest business accounts*    
Shopify stores    
TikTok business accounts    
Google business profiles    
Start Pages    
YouTube Shorts    

📝 Notes:

  • Interested in another channel? See who else is talking about it on our Suggestions Board.
  • It's not possible to connect Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest personal profiles to Buffer, as these social networks prefer users not automate posting to these types of channels.

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Connecting your channels

  1. First, let's ensure Buffer knows exactly which social channel you'd like to connect (especially if you're connecting more than one channel from each social network). To do this, log into the channel you'd like to connect. For example, if you're connecting your Facebook Page, start by logging into the profile that is an Admin of that Page at

  2. In another tab, head to or follow these steps: Open Buffer, click on your profile avatar at the top right of your dashboard, and click Account > Channels.

  3. Click on the type of channel you'd like to connect. (If you already have channels connected, click Connect New Channel and then click the channel you'd like to connect.)

  4. While the connections process is usually straight forward, we have tips for certain social channels. If you experience issues connecting one of the channels below, click on its link.

  5. To change the order your channels appear in the channel menu, you can drag and drop into your desired order by clicking on a channel, moving it with your mouse, and then releasing it.

📖 Once you've connected a channel, we'd recommend hopping over to your posting schedule and setting up the times you'd like to post content. Learn more about the posting schedule here.

⚠️ Important things to note

  • For users on a team (including Admins): If you are able to view all of your connected channels in Manage Channels, but cannot see certain channels when you're in your Publishing tab, it is likely because you do not have the appropriate permissions to access that channel. This can be fixed by the owner of your organization's account by following the steps in this guide.
  • The access token for your social channels will expire from time to time, which may require a few steps. Learn how to refresh a channel in Buffer.
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