Publishing your Instagram posts when the reminder comes to your phone

Any posts being scheduled for an Instagram Personal Profile, regardless of the type of content, will be scheduled as reminders. Additionally, posts being scheduled for an Instagram Business Account, which contain multiple images, or contain an image or video that falls outside of Instagram's accepted aspect ratio range, will be scheduled as reminders. Whenever you're scheduling a post, we'll let you know if it's going to be scheduled as a reminder. Additionally, posts scheduled as reminders will display a bell icon in the Queue.

This article outlines the process of posting your Instagram posts on iOS or Android once the reminder has come through to your phone. You will need to have the Buffer app installed on your mobile device.

iOS Android
  1. When it's time for your post to be published, you'll receive a push notification to your phone. Tapping the alert will bring you to a preview of your Instagram post within the Buffer mobile app. From there, tap Open in Instagram.

    If you missed the push notification, you can always re-trigger it by heading to the Past Reminders tab. Learn more about Past Reminders here.

  2. If you're managing multiple Instagram accounts, make sure you are switched to the correct account before you publish your post there.

  3. You can then choose whether to post to your Feed or Story.

  4. If you're posting to your feed, you'll be able to crop your photo and set filters on it if you'd like to, just the same way as if you were sharing an image natively. Your caption will have been saved to your clipboard so you'll need to tap within the caption area and paste it in.

    Please note, if you added a location when scheduling the post, this will not be included. Including a location when scheduling your post will only work if the post is published automatically, so you may wish to add the location back in before sharing the post.

  5. From there, tap Share and your post will be published.

  6. If you're posting to your Story, you'll be able to make any changes you like, such as adding locations, stickers, polls, questions, text, etc. Your caption will have been saved to your clipboard and you can paste it in as text using the Aa option at the top right of your screen.

    If you have a verified Business Account, and you have 10,000 followers or more, you'll also have the option to include a link within your story. When a link is added, followers will see a "See More" link at the bottom of the screen, and can tap to view the link within the Instagram app. Tap on the link icon at the top of the screen and then enter the link you'd like to use.

    Once you've finished with your edits, tap Your story at the bottom left of your screen, and you're all set!

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