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Using LinkedIn with Buffer

Aside from the amazing professional network it provides, LinkedIn is the number one platform for business-to-business (B2B) lead generation, with 80% of B2B leads coming from LinkedIn vs. 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook. That probably means we should get straight into how to use LinkedIn Pages and profiles with Buffer!

This article contains the following sections:

These features are available for LinkedIn

Publishing Analytics Engagement
(Pages + profiles) (Pages)  

Connecting and refreshing your LinkedIn Page and profile

You can connect multiple LinkedIn Pages (company or showcase) and profiles to Buffer. You'll find a general connections guide here: Connect your channels to Buffer, and a few LinkedIn-specific tips sit in the table below.

These are some LinkedIn channel considerations:

Type of account Buffer integration Notes
LinkedIn Company Pages

Authenticate via a LinkedIn profile that has Super Admin access for the Page.
LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Authenticate via a LinkedIn profile that has Super Admin access for the Page.
LinkedIn profiles

While it is technically possible to connect a large number of LinkedIn profiles to Buffer, it can result in an account suspension by LinkedIn. LinkedIn intends for personal profiles to be treated as independent, personal accounts where the content published is done so by the owner of the profile.
LinkedIn groups


LinkedIn groups are not accessible for third-parties via LinkedIn's API.

If your connected LinkedIn channel requires a refresh, check out the article Refreshing a channel in Buffer.

Scheduling posts to LinkedIn Pages and profiles

Features & good-to-knows Notes
Scheduling posts Checkout our step-by-step guide to scheduling posts on any social channel, or peruse LinkedIn-specific details here in this table.
Scheduling Carousel posts You can publish a post with up to 9 images in a single LinkedIn post, however, we aren't able to publish LinkedIn Carousel posts (which are done using PDF).
Tagging / mentions To mention a LinkedIn Page (not available for profiles), copy and paste the LinkedIn URL for that Page into the composer (eg: Learn more about adding mentions (tags) in posts here.
Hashtags While your hashtags won't hyperlink in the composer, they'll hyperlink once published to LinkedIn. Learn more about how hashtags work in Buffer here.
Daily posting limit 50 posts per 24 hours. Learn more about Daily posting limits here.
Character limit 3,000 characters per post.
Post attribution The name that shows on the top of your LinkedIn Page posts as "Posted by [Name]" will be the name of the LinkedIn Admin who connected the LinkedIn Page to Buffer. No worries, though; your followers don't see this sentence at all. 

Image, video, and GIF specifications for LinkedIn

LinkedIn supports images, videos, and GIFs.

  Videos Images GIFs
Number allowed per post


9 1
Video length 3 seconds - 30 minutes - 3-60 seconds
File size 1GB up to 10MB up to 3MB
Dimensions / Aspect ratio 1280 x 720 pixels

1200 x 627 pixels (optimal for LinkedIn)

Square (best for sharing across social networks)
File types supported MP4, MOV, AVI, M4V, link JPG, PNG, HEIC, WebP GIF
Custom thumbnail support

Not for video uploads,

Yes for video links
- Not supported
PDF Carousel posts Not supported Not supported Not supported
Autoplay Yes, if MP4 and
 between 75KB and 200MB
- Yes
Giphy integration - - Yes
Alt text - Yes -

Engaging with LinkedIn posts

Buffer's engagement features are available only for Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn analytics

Publishing posts is one part of the equation, but how do we know if our strategy is resonating with our followers? That’s where your analytics come in.

There are two places to look for analytics in your Buffer account:

  • To get a quick view of each of your LinkedIn posts’ comments, likes, clicks, and reshares for both your LinkedIn profiles and Pages, go to the Publishing tab and then the Sent posts tab.

    Sent posts area in Buffer
  • To see more advanced analytics for your LinkedIn Pages (not available for LinkedIn profiles), the Analytics tab at the top of your dashboard is available on the Essentials, Team, or Agency plans. Checkout the LinkedIn metric descriptions we have available.

    Buffer Analytics toolbar
To dive straight into advanced analytics for your LinkedIn Pages, select LinkedIn on the left-hand side, and peruse the tabs:

📝 Notes:

  • While you will see analytics for LinkedIn posts you created via LinkedIn natively, analytics for PDF carousel posts are not available.
  • When you first connect your LinkedIn Page, we will backfill data for up to 6 months or 500 posts. Learn more about why your data in Buffer might differ from your native analytics here.
  • Analytics refresh for the last 500 LinkedIn Page posts daily. Once your post becomes the 501st newest post, we stop refreshing its data.

LinkedIn error library

We don't currently have an error library for LinkedIn, but feel free to reach out to our Customer Advocates if you're hitting any errors.

📝Do you have a LinkedIn feature suggestion? We’d love for you to submit or upvote it here on our feature suggestions board.

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