What are the benefits of Buffer's new plans?

If you‘re a customer on one of our legacy plans, first, we’d love to say thank you for being a Buffer customer! In 2021, we launched our new plans and pricing, based on customer feedback asking for more flexibility between plans. 

In this article:

  1. Benefits of our new plans
  2. Features available on our new plans
  3. FAQ
  4. Ready to switch?

Benefits or our new plans

When on one of these legacy plans (Pro, Premium, Small/Medium/Large Business or Enterprise), you might already know that you’d need to upgrade if:
  • you wanted access to more features
  • you wanted a larger queue size
  • you wanted more channels
  • you wanted more team members
This meant that you might end up paying for extra channels you didn’t use just to get access to certain features or team members. Taking this feedback into account, we shifted our mentality towards plans and pricing and made plans suited for individuals, teams working with under ten channels, and agencies who have ten or more channels. 

Within our new pricing structure, you: 

  • only pay for the channels you have connected
  • can have a plan that works for your setup (e.g. if you’re working solo, you don’t have to pay for team features, and if you have a large team, you don’t have to pay for extra team members)
  • can access all of our new features as we release them

Features available on our new plans

Speaking of features, you’ll see some fresh and exciting features on these plans. That means by switching to our Essentials, Team, or Agency plans you gain access to: 

  • Start Page (your own microsite!)
  • Twitter/X threads scheduling
  • Our AI Assistant to help you craft the perfect post caption
  • Ideas - use our Create space to brainstorm and tweak your content ideas
  • LinkedIn document scheduling (PDF carousels)
  • Mastodon scheduling
  • YouTube Shorts scheduling
  • Mailchimp integration with Start Page
  • Collaborating with notes in Drafts
  • Quick Navigator (a.k.a. Buffer quick keys)
  • LinkedIn first comment scheduling
  • Our Beta program - gain early access to our newest features
  • …plus any of our upcoming features!
You can learn more about all features here


Here are some of the most common questions that come up for customers before they make the switch to our new plans. 
How do I know if I’m on a legacy plan? 
Simply log in to your Buffer account and head to the Billing tab or follow this link to go directly t here. If your account is on a Pro, Premium, Business, or Enterprise plan, you are on a legacy version of Buffer.
Are there any legacy features that would not be included in the new plans?
Every feature that exists on legacy plans is also available on one of our new plans with the exception of Posting Groups. 
  • If you currently have posting groups created in your account, they should remain once you switch over to our new plans. 
  • If you do not have posting groups set up yet, you can create a posting group before switching to our new plans. This will allow you to keep the feature on your account after migrating to our new plans. 
Can I try it out ahead of time?
Once you move to a new plan, we aren’t able to switch you back to your legacy plan/pricing. We completely understand if you feel eager to try out our new plans prior to moving your account away from your legacy plan. To give it a try ahead of making a final switch, create a free Buffer account under a different email address and start a 14 - day trial of any one of our new Buffer plans. If you enjoy it, follow the steps in the “Ready to switch?” FAQ below.

Ready to switch?

Check the upgrade hub to learn how to upgrade to the latest version of Buffer. Because this version comes with a different pricing model, you’ll also see what how your pricing might change. Once you’ve moved to the latest version of Buffer you’ll be able to access all of the features mentioned above.
If you don’t see an option to self-upgrade, feel free to send us an email at hello@buffer.com and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.
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