How to test Buffer's Beta features

Buffer's (free!) Beta Program is a way to test out Buffer's latest features before they launch and share your feedback with our product team as they make final adjustments.

Beta features are still in development and aren't fully polished, so we rely on our Beta community to share glitches they come across so we can quickly fix them up. While we expect most features to make it to production, features can be removed from the Beta Program at anytime (In case you're wondering, "Wait...where'd you go?!")

In this article:

  1. Accessing and enabling Beta features
  2. Joining our Beta community in Discord
  3. Sharing feedback
  4. FAQs

Accessing and enabling Beta features

  1. Click on your profile avatar at the top right of your dashboard.
  2. Click Beta Features.
  3. Toggle "Try new features early" to ON.
  4. Under "Current Beta features" you'll see all of the features that are available to Beta test that will be enabled in your account.

Joining our Beta community

Our Beta community is an engaged group of small business owners and creative individuals to connect about topics related to building a business, growing a brand, and lots more. You can join us over on Discord.

Sharing feedback

On the Beta Features page, click the Share Feedback button next to the feature you'd like to offer thoughts on. By clicking the button, you will be linked to our dedicated feature page where we would love for you to share your thoughts and ideas for how we could improve it! We can respond and discuss them there.


What happens when I turn Beta features on?

You will see a small flask icon next to your Apps menu in the top navigation bar.

What happens when I turn Beta features off?

You will lose access to those features and the ability to share direct feedback about them. The small flask icon will disappear, indicating that you don’t have access to Beta features.

If you used the Beta feature to create a new type of post or use a new channel, you will lose that post.

Will I lose my posts when I turn Beta on?

No, you will not lose any of your scheduled posts when you sign up for Beta!

What happens to features after Beta?

After we have resolved all issues and taken your feedback into account, we will launch it to all of our users. At this time, the feature is considered a generally available feature and is no longer in Beta.

Why should I join the Discord community?

The Discord community is a great opportunity for small business owners and creators to share learnings about building a business, developing a brand, growing their engagement, and support one another. Share tips and strategies, get advice, and more!

Can I turn Beta features on and off in my mobile app?

Not yet. However if you have opted in to Beta features on our desktop app, you will see Beta features on mobile.

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