Connecting or refreshing channels as a user of an organization

If you’ve been invited to Buffer as a user of an organization, you have access to their publishing, engagement, and analytics tools.

If you are set up as an Admin, you will also have permission to connect or refresh your organization’s channels. Team members without admin roles cannot connect or refresh channels.

By default, you also have your own personal Buffer account with a personal organization. You may choose to connect your own channels to the publishing tool under the Buffer Free plan. In this case, when connecting or refreshing a channel, it’s important to make sure you're working within the right organization.

To see your organizations, click the drop arrow next to your profile avatar to open the menu. From there, select the correct organization. Once selected, your dashboard will refresh and those channels will now be accessible to you.

A picture of the upper right Buffer dashboard showing an organization list

After you’ve selected the correct organization, you can now connect or refresh the social channels.

Locked channels or losing access to Buffer tools

If you notice that some of the channels you have access to have been locked, this is likely because the owner of the organization downgraded their account: What happens when you downgrade to the Free plan. When a plan is downgraded, the account is moved to the Free plan with access to only three social channels and no additional users. This is the reason those channels become locked for you.

In this case, you should chat with the organization owner and see if they had intentionally downgraded the account. It’s possible they didn’t know that downgrading their account would stop you from being able to access those channels or tools.

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