Supported channels

πŸ“ What counts as a channel in Buffer?

Each social account you connect is a channel. For instance, a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, X/Twitter profile, Linked Page and Linked Profile would count as 5 channels.

The table below outlines which channels are supported within each of Buffer’s tools.

Channel Publishing Analytics Engagement
Facebook Pages βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Facebook groups βœ“    
Instagram business and creator accounts βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
X/Twitter profiles βœ“ βœ“  
LinkedIn Pages βœ“ βœ“  
LinkedIn profiles βœ“    
Pinterest business accounts βœ“    
Shopify stores   βœ“  
TikTok business accounts βœ“    
Google business profiles βœ“    
Start Pages βœ“    
Mastodon βœ“    
YouTube Shorts βœ“    


  • It was previously possible to connect Instagram personal profiles to Buffer, along with Facebook profiles, LinkedIn groups, and Pinterest personal accounts. However, due to API changes on all of these platforms, this is no longer possible. The above chart shares the full list of social channels that can be connected to your Buffer account.
  • Publishing is not available to Facebook stories (more on Scheduling Instagram stories here), or to Instagram IGTV due to API limitations. However, publishing is available for Instagram Reels. 
  • Analytics are not available for Facebook stories, IGTV, or IG Reels due to API limitations. 
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