Using Facebook with Buffer

With Buffer, you can reach your community wherever they are online. Keep your Facebook group up to date by scheduling posts, or engage with your Facebook Page followers by scheduling posts or reels. Once your posts have been published, you can analyze their performance and engage with your post comments, all in one tool! 

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Connecting and refreshing your Facebook accounts
  2. Scheduling Facebook posts and reels
  3. Image, video, and GIF specifications for Facebook
  4. Engaging with Facebook posts
  5. Facebook analytics
  6. Facebook error library

These features are available for Facebook 

Publishing Analytics Engagement

(Facebook Pages and groups)

(Facebook Pages)

(Facebook Pages)

Note: Facebook Reels are not supported in our analytics or engagement dashboards. However, Reels metrics are available within Sent posts insights.

Connecting and refreshing your Facebook accounts

You can connect multiple Facebook Pages and groups you manage to Buffer. To see a step-by-step guide and troubleshooting steps, checkout the following articles: 

If your connected Facebook requires a refresh, check out the article Refreshing a channel in Buffer.

Having trouble connecting Facebook to Buffer? Check out our Troubleshooting Facebook and Instagram connections guide.

Scheduling Facebook posts and reels

The features available on Facebook Pages and groups vary due to API limitations, so check out the table below to find out which features you can use while scheduling posts. 

Features & good-to-knows Notes
Scheduling posts Checkout our step-by-step guide to scheduling posts on any social channel or peruse Facebook-specific details below.

Tagging / mentions

(Facebook Pages)

To tag / mention another Facebook Page, type in the exact handle. Once published to your Facebook Page, the account you mentioned will become hyperlinked. check out our full guide to adding tags (mentions) here.
Daily posting limit 25 posts per 24 hours. Learn more about Daily posting limits here.
Character limit 5,000 characters per post. Learn more about character limits for each social network here.
Hashtags In the composer, type the hashtags you'd like to use. When the post is published, the hashtags will hyperlink just as if they were sent from the native platform itself. Learn more about How hashtags work in Buffer.

Scheduling Facebook posts and reels

  1.  To get started, select your Facebook account on the left hand side of your dashboard.
  2. Open the composer at the top of your queue.
  3. Select Post or Reel.

Buffer composer - choose Facebook post

For posts: Type in the caption you’d like to use, add links or upload any images or video you'd like. Learn more about attaching images, videos, and other media to your posts here.

For reels: Upload the video you'd like to include in your reel and then type in or copy and paste the caption you'd like to use. 

  1. Click Add to Queue or use one of our other scheduling options and you're done!

Scheduling Good to Knows

Sharing links 

Facebook Reels

  • Due to API limitations, it is not possible to add trending music to reels. Therefore, we recommend adding music to your video file before uploading it to Buffer.
  • The Facebook Reels API does not support locations, so you will not be able to add a location to your reel.
  • When your reel is published, it will also appear on the feed.

Facebook group posts

  • Posts published to a Facebook group will appear as being posted by the Facebook member who connected the group to Buffer. We unfortunately cannot post to Facebook groups as a Facebook Page. 

Multi-language posts

  • It's not possible to create a Facebook post in multiple languages through Buffer at this time. You would need to create such posts within Facebook itself and you will need to be an admin on the Page.

Image, video, and GIF specifications for Facebook

Facebook supports images, videos, and GIFs. However, scheduling reels is only available on Facebook Pages.

  Videos Images GIFs
Number allowed per post 1 (upload or link) 10 1
Video length

Reels - 30 to 90 seconds

Video - 4 hours

File size 1GB* up to 10MB up to 3MB
Dimensions / Aspect Ratio

Video posts - 16:9 to 9:16

Reels - 9:16

8192x8192 pixels (suggested) TBD
File types supported

Reels - MP4

Video posts - MP4, MOV, AVI, and M4V

JPG, PNG, WebP (images will be uploaded as WebP) GIF
Custom thumbnail supported

Video posts - ✓

Reels - N/A

Optimal number of frames 24 to 60 frames per second N/A N/A
Autoplay N/A
Giphy integration N/A N/A
Alt text N/A N/A

Engaging with Facebook posts

If you’re on the Essentials, Team, or Agency plan, you have access to the engagement dashboard where you can respond to comments on your Facebook Page posts.

Learn how to start engaging with Instagram and Facebook comments within your engagement dashboard.

At this time, it is not possible to pull comments made on Reels into our engagement dashboard.

Facebook analytics

We can post all day, but the real excitement comes when seeing the reactions to our posts. If you’re on the Essentials, Team, or Agency plans, you’ll find all of your stats within the analytics tab.

Facebook Reels are not supported in our analytics dashboard. However, Reels metrics are available within the Sent Posts tab.

There are two places to look for analytics in your Buffer account:

  • To get a quick view of each of your Facebook post's and Reel's comments, likes, clicks, reach, and shares, head to the Publishing tab and then the Sent Posts tab.

    Sent posts area in Buffer

  • To dive straight into advanced analytics for your Facebook Page, select Facebook on the left-hand side and peruse the tabs:

    Buffer analytics button

  • Overview: gives insight into your overall engagement levels for your profile over time. Learn more about the Performance overview on your analytics dashboard.
  • Posts: provides a history of all of your published posts and how they are performing. Learn more about Analyzing your posts within your analytics dashboard.
  • Answers: shares answers to questions such as the best day, type, and frequency to post. Learn more about Answering questions about your social media strategy.

Feel free to also learn more about our Facebook metric descriptions.

📝 When you first connect a Facebook Page, we will be able to backfill up to six months of data.

Learn more about Why your data in Buffer might differ from your native analytics here.

Facebook error library

If you're [unfortunately] hitting Facebook errors in Buffer, the Facebook error library is the place to go for solutions.

📝Do you have a Facebook feature suggestion? We’d love for you to submit or upvote it here on our feature suggestions board.

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