Changes to Buffer Publish Individual plan in March 2018

On March 1, 2018, the Individual plan became the Free plan, which allows users to connect up to three social channels of any combination, instead of one per social network. In addition, the Free plan was simplified and some features were removed. In this guide, we aim to answer any questions that might have arisen as a result of this change.

How the Free plan differs from the Individual plan

On the Individual plan, users were able to connect one social channel per network. On the new Free plan, users are able to connect up to three channels of any combination, which could include multiple Facebook accounts for example.

In addition, the following features were removed:

  • and link shorteners
  • Share Next option
  • Analytics on posts within the Posts Report
  • Re-Buffer feature (now called Share Again)
  • Finish Later feature on iOS and Android apps

Why we changed the Individual plan

We spent a number of months considering this change, speaking to existing customers and reviewing pain points and friction with the Individual plan. In almost all cases, three social channels of any combination is a better number for folks than one per social network. Many users wanted to manage a couple of Twitter or Facebook accounts for example.

Our aim has been to make the Free plan experience significantly simpler and therefore less frustrating for users. Many popups and upgrade prompts have been removed. We love having free users and we want Buffer Publish to be a product that people can use for free, long term.

Upgrading to the Pro plan

If you find that you need more features than what the Free plan has to offer, you might like to consider upgrading to the Pro plan, which is $15/month. On the Pro plan, you'd have space to connect up to eight social channels, schedule up to 100 posts in advance (compared to 10 on the Free plan), and have access to additional features. Learn more about the Pro plan here.

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