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Troubleshooting Connections on Facebook's New Pages Experience

Facebook recently began rolling out their New Pages experience, which changes some of the options and settings that we would previously check if there was an issue connecting to Facebook Pages or Instagram business accounts. Facebook is still in the process of rolling out the New Pages experience for all customers, so we've created this page to support customers who see the New Pages experience enabled for their Pages.

This guide is contains the following sections: 

How to switch from your Facebook profile to the Facebook Page you manage

Within the New Pages experience, in order to manage your Facebook page, you'll need to be logged into Facebook as the page itself, rather than your personal Facebook profile that is an admin of the Page. It's important to understand how to switch between using Facebook as a profile vs. a Facebook Page, as certain settings may not be available if you're using Facebook as a profile and vice versa. 

There are two ways to switch between a Facebook profile and the Facebook Page that the profile manages:

  1. Log into with your personal Facebook profile that manages the page.
  2. Navigate to your Facebook page. 
  3. Under your Page's name in the middle of the screen, you should see an option to "Switch Now" (screenshot). Click that button. 


  1. Log into with your personal Facebook profile that manages the page.
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on your profile icon. 
  3. Click Switch profile or account. 
  4. Select the page you want to manage. That should allow you to manage the page. 


Where to find Page Roles settings in New Pages experience and Page access permissions

In the previous Facebook experience, when an issue arose that involved checking Admin permissions, we would ask to check your Page Roles settings to see a list of all of your page admins and their permission levels. Unfortunately, these settings do not exist in the New Pages experience. 

Instead, we need to look into the Page Access area and then look at each Admin's access levels individually. To do this:

  1. Open your Facebook page and make sure you're using Facebook as the page, not your personal profile. 
  2. Navigate to Professional Dashboard on the left side of the page. 
  3. Next, click on Page access on the left side panel. 
  4. This should bring up a list of everyone who has access to manage the page. Find the name of the person who is trying to connect the channel to Buffer and click on it.
  5. Ideally, the Admin who is connecting the channel should have permissions that say: This person has full controlThis is equivalent to the person having full Admin access of the page, which should allow them to connect the channel to Buffer.

Is your Instagram linked?

In the previous version of the Facebook Page experience, there was an "Instagram" section within the Facebook Page settings. This tab no longer exists in the New Pages experience. 

With Facebook's New Pages experience, you can navigate to the Professional dashboard area of your Facebook Page and check the linked accounts area to see if Instagram is linked. Here's how to do this:

  1. Open your Facebook page and make sure you're using Facebook as the page, not your personal profile. 
  2. Navigate to Professional Dashboard on the left side of the page. 
  3. Click on Linked Accounts. 
  4. Click on Instagram and send over a screenshot of what you see there. 

A few things to note:

  • Just because an Instagram channel is showing as linked to the Facebook page, doesn't mean the Instagram is set up as a Business account. Therefore, we'll want to go through the steps to view the Instagram channel and check that it's set up as a Business account.

Review Connection

Previously, if there was an issue in the connection between Facebook and Instagram, a blue Review Connection button would appear within the Instagram settings of the Facebook Page, which could be clicked and then several prompts would pop up to walk through steps to resolve the issue within your Instagram <> Facebook connection.

With the New Pages experience, the Review Connection option is no longer visible within the Facebook page settings. Instead, it's visible either within Business Suite settings or within the Instagram app on mobile. 

Checking via the Instagram app

If you do not have access to your team's Business Suite, you'll need to log into the Instagram app on your phone to see if the Review Connection pop up appears.

Here's how to do this:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Go to your profile grid.
  3. Tap on Edit Profile. 
  4. Under Public business information, you should see Page and the Facebook page that's linked to Instagram.
  5. Tap the Facebook Page name. 
  6. If you see a prompt to Review Connection, you'll need to tap it and follow the prompts to fix the connection between your Facebook Page and Instagram business account. 

Checking via Business Suite

When it comes to confirming the review account connection process, it would need to be one of the people listed with "Business Account Access" in the Meta Business Account who completes the Review Account Connection prompt (if you see that within the Instagram app/Business Suite account). 
If that prompt to review the account connection or confirm connection is showing, then getting one of the users with "Business account access" to complete that review will help to get the Instagram page as an option to add to Buffer.

Alternatively, if the owner of Meta Business Account adds you as an a business admin for the business within Business Suite, as well as an Admin for the page too, then you would be able to complete the Review Account Connection process in Business Suite or within the Instagram mobile app, too.

If you have access to Business Suite, we'll need to check to make sure that you have been set up as a Business Admin within Business Suite settings. Here are the steps you can take to check:

  1. Head to your Page Access settings and find your name listed on the page.
  2. Click on your name and make sure that you have full control. 
  3. Next, check under Business account access and make sure you've been granted access within Business Suite. 

(1) Facebook 2022-09-07 at 9.49.44 AM

If you have not been granted access within Business Suite, you might not be able to confirm the connection between Instagram <> Facebook. In that case, you would see something like this within the desktop version of Business Suite:

Facebook New Pages Experience Instagram Review Account Connection 2022-09-06 at 4.51.37 PM

or this in the mobile version of Business Suite:

Facebook New Pages Experience Instagram Review Account Connection 2022-09-06 at 4.57.49 PM


Trying to connect New Pages experience Pages to Buffer

With the New Pages experience, if you are currently logged into Facebook as your Facebook profile that is an Admin of the Page you try to go through the process to connect a Page in Buffer, it may look like nothing has happened after you click "Continue." Therefore, you'll need to make sure that you're logged into Facebook as the Page you're trying to connect, rather than the personal Facebook profile that manages the page.

Here's how to switch between your personal Facebook profile 


Navigating to Business Integrations

If a customer is having an issue with their authorization token and we need to ask a customer to reauthorize or adjust Buffer's permissions, we'll send them to Facebook Business Integrations. Unfortunately, if the customer is logged into Facebook as their page, the link to Business Integrations will lead to their "General Page settings," which is not relevant to our troubleshooting.

Therefore, we need to ask customers to go back into Facebook and switch to their profile view so that they're using Facebook as their profile. Once they've taken that step to switch, they should be able to navigate to Business Integrations and reauthorize or edit their permissions.

In the video below, Danny shows us what the customer will see if they try to access Business Integrations while logged into Facebook as their page and how to switch to using Facebook as their profile in order to access Business Integrations. 

How to Edit Image Posts for New Pages Experience

Within Facebook's New Pages experience, the steps to edit the text in an image post have changed compared to the previous Pages experience. With the "Edit" option moving in the New Pages experience, some customers may be confused as to where to find this option if they need to make a change to the caption of their published image post. 

Previously, if a customer published an image post to their Facebook page using Buffer, they could find the published post on their page, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the post and then select Edit Post from the dropdown menu. They could then adjust their caption and click Save to complete the process.

The option to Edit Post does not appear for customers with New Pages experience, so we'll need to direct them to click on the image within their published post and update the caption there. Therefore, we can share the following instructions to help the customer: 

  1. Open up your Facebook page and find the published post that you want to adjust.
  2. Click on the image within the post.
  3. Under the caption of the post, there should be a grey Edit button.
  4. Click Edit and you should be able to update the caption of your post. 
  5. Enter your new caption and then click Done Editing to save your changes.

Below, Adam shares a quick overview of how to find the option to edit a post in both the New Pages experience and the previous Pages experience so that we can help customers quickly locate this on their own Facebook Pages. 



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