Creating custom analytics reports

One of the key features of Buffer's analytics dashboard is the ability to create custom reports using any of the tables and charts available. There is no need to create a new report each week or month since each time you view the report, you can choose the new date range you’d like to analyze.

⭐️ This feature is on our paid plans. Looking for basic analytics?

In this article:

  1. Video walkthrough
  2. Adding tables and charts to reports
  3. Viewing and customizing reports
  4. Downloading reports

📝 The ability to create custom reports is available for account owners and users with Admin access only. Learn more about adding users and setting up permissions in your organization here.

Video walkthrough

In the video below, Katie will walk you through the steps to create and export custom reports.

Adding tables and charts to reports

Once in the Analytics tab (, you can add any of the charts and tables found within any of the tabs to a custom report by clicking the plus (+) button.

Click the plus button to add any chart or table to a custom analytics report.

To create a new report, enter the name you’d like to use and then click Create Report. Alternatively, add the table or chart to an existing report by clicking on the report name.

Create a new report by entering a title and clicking create report or select an existing report.

📝 Please note, after clicking Create Report or an existing report, you won’t be taken to the report. The window will close, allowing you to add other charts and tables if you’d like to.

Viewing and customizing reports

To view your reports, select the Reports tab on the left hand side of your dashboard. You’ll see a list of all available reports. Simply click on the report you’d like to view.

📝 The timezone of each report you create is in UTC.

At the top right of the report, you’re able to change the date range you’d like to analyze. The beauty of this is that you don’t need to create new reports each week or month; you can simply use the same report and customize the date range.

Click on the top right to change the date range you’d like to analyze.

The report title, description, and logo can be customized:

  • Rename your report by clicking on the existing name and then typing in the new title you’d like to use.
  • Add a description to your report by clicking Add Report description.
  • Upload a logo to your report, by clicking Upload logo on the right hand side. PNG and JPG files are supported. 

Click on areas of the report to edit the title, description and logo.

Each element of the report can be reordered using the up and down arrows, which are shown when hovering over a table or chart. If you’d like to remove a table or chart, hover over it and then click the x icon. You can also add notes to each individual chart by clicking Add chart note.

create custom analytics reports in Buffer by adding notes

Downloading reports

You can export the report by clicking Export as PDF at the top right. Don’t forget to choose the date range you’d like to use before exporting the report. Click here to download an example report.

Select a date range and click on the Export as PDF to download the report.

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