Audience tab in Analyze

The Audience tab within your analytics dashboard allows you to learn more about the people that matter to your business and in turn, create content most suited to them.

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In this article:

  1. Finding your report
  2. Diving into your report
  3. Adding charts to a custom report

Finding your report

📝 Audience data is available only for Instagram (not Facebook, X/Twitter, or LinkedIn).

  1. Start by clicking Analyze at the top of your Buffer dashboard (not available on mobile).
  2. Select the channel you'd like to analyze on the left-hand side of your dashboard.
  3. Choose a profile or Page from the drop-down.
  4. Click Audience.
  5. Choose the date range you'd like to view.

Steps to view custom date range for Buffer analytics

Diving into your report

Audience overview

Curious about which demographics are engaging with your content? The audience overview chart shows your top demographic by gender and age, as well as your top location.

Buffer Analyze Audience overview

Top gender and age

The top gender and age chart displays a bubble chart of females and males, by age. Below the bubble chart, you'll see your top three ranked demographics.

Top gender and age bubble chart in audience analytics

Top cities

The top cities chart displays the top five cities where your fans are located. Below the chart, you'll see your top three ranked cities.

Bar chart showing top five cities where your fans are located

Top countries

The top countries chart displays a map of where your fans are located. You can hover over areas on the map to see the number and percentage of fans. Below the map, you'll see your top three ranked countries.

World map displaying where your fans are located

Adding charts to a custom report

Finally, you can add any of the tables and charts from this area to a custom report. Simply click the plus button at the top right of any chart you'd like to include. Learn more about creating custom reports here.

You can also export all data as both CSV and image files using the Export as... button.

Buffer Analyze add to report and export

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