X/Twitter metric descriptions

When you connect your X/Twitter account, 28 days of data will be backfilled. The table below provides a description of each metric that appears within Buffer's analytics. All metrics are pulled from Gnip (X/Twitter's enterprise data service) and X/Twitter API v2.

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Tweets The number of tweets sent, not including retweets or replies.
Impressions The number of times people saw your tweets, either in their timeline or search results.
Engagements The number of times users interacted with your tweets. The X/Twitter API version that we are using does not offer an aggregated engagements number for each tweet. Therefore, we are calculating the engagements number ourselves, using a sum of likes, replies, retweets, quotes, link clicks, and profile clicks. Other engagement types, such as app opens, app install attempts, and hashtag clicks, are not included.
Engagement Rate The percentage of impressions that resulted in an engagement (number of engagements divided by the number of impressions). In this calculation, engagements is as per the description above.
Likes The number of likes your tweets received.
Retweets The number of times your tweets were retweeted.
Replies The number of replies on your tweets.
Clicks The number of clicks your tweets received.
New Followers The number of followers you gained or lost.
Total Followers Your total number of followers.
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