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Getting started with Start Page

Start Page is a simple, sleek, and easy-to-create website for your small business. Set up calls to action for your current campaigns, direct users to your products and blog posts, and link them to your social channels. It takes 5 minutes to personalize and customize your Start Page, making a branded one-stop shop for all of those “link in bio” call outs. Start Page is the only "link in bio" page where you can schedule your posts! Learn how to schedule posts on your Start Page in our Guide to Using Buffer's Start Page.

This guide includes:

  1. What is a Start Page?
  2. Set up your Start Page layout
  3. Customize your domain, publish your Start Page, and share the link with your audience

Start Page is Buffer’s newest channel! You can connect up to 3 channels on our Free plan. Need to connect more? Click here to start a free 14 day trial of one of our paid plans!

What is a Start Page?

Take a look at a sample Start Page and learn about why your business needs one in this short video, and then follow the steps below to make your own!


Set up your Start Page layout

    1. Select the Start Page tab at the top of your Buffer dashboard.
    2. From the "Choose a template" menu, click on one of our pre-designed layouts (you can customize this more later!)
    3. Give your Start Page a nickname for your own purposescustomers won't see this; it's just for your reference when you're working within Buffer.
    4. Get creative with customizing! You can add, remove, and edit blocks (including dragging and dropping them to change their order) to set up a website that looks and feels like your company. Add your company's logo and tagline, upload images, add links to your shop and latest blog post, post your latest video content, and link out to all of your social channels.

Customize your domain, publish your Start Page, and share the link with your audience

      1. After customizing your Start Page blocks, click Publish Changes.
      2. Select a domain for your Start Page that will be public-facing, and will end in the "" domain, then click Publish Start Page.
      3. Your Start Page is now live! Click the Copy Link button and then paste your new Start Page domain into all of your social channel bios.
      4. Edits are easy as you have new things to share with your followers - just delete, edit, or add new blocks as needed, and remember to click Publish Changes when you're done.

Email verification is required to publish a Start Page. You can learn about Verifying your email address here. If your email hasn’t been verified yet, you’ll be prompted when publishing your Start Page to do so.

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