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Saving and scheduling draft posts on the mobile app

It's important to capture your creative thoughts (even those partially-developed ones) right when you have them. You can now quickly save and schedule draft posts on-the-go using Buffer's mobile apps.

📝 This article is designed to help users with the Buffer mobile app. All instructions and screenshots are taken from the iOS app, and any steps that are different on Android are noted. You can find the desktop version of this article here.

Accessing your draft posts

You can access your drafts by tapping the Drafts tab on the bottom menu of the app. Drafts that you or your team have composed on the web will also appear on your mobile app.

Drafts Buffer mobile app.png


Saving and scheduling drafts from the composer

To start your draft, click on the blue Create button or the blue + sign to open the composer, then begin to craft your post.

When finished composing your draft, if you'd like to store it in the drafts area of your account without specifying a date and time for publishing, click Cancel.


After tapping the Cancel button, a new menu will appear with options to Save as Draft, Schedule as Draft, or Close Composer.

Tap Save as Draft to add your composed post to your Drafts area without a scheduled date and time.

Tap Schedule as Draft to add a date and time for the drafted post. This will not cause your draft to automatically publish at the date and time you selected. Instead, it will act as a placeholder for the date and time. Once approved, the draft will then be set up to publish at that date and time.

The last step to take before the draft is fully scheduled for publication is to have someone with full posting access (this could be you or another member of your Buffer organization) click Add to Queue from within your drafts tab. This will schedule the draft to publish in one of the available time slots from your posting schedules.

Add to Queue iOS app.png


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