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Error: Oops! Instagram is limiting this post from being published. Please edit the post content and try again

Below, you'll find information for troubleshooting a common error that appears for Instagram posts. We've included more context around why the error happens to help prevent it from happening again. We've also included steps to fix the failed post and retry it in Buffer Publishing. 


Typically when we see this error come up, it is usually because Instagram has put a temporary hold on both the account you're posting to and a hold on using the API to send posts to Instagram. From what we have seen in the past, it might be due to one (or a combination) of the following things:

  • Too many hashtags
  • Too many @ mentions
  • Repeated use of same hashtags and same @ mentions across multiple posts
  • Location data is incorrect
  • Included URL links in the caption

Troubleshooting Checklist

  1. Create a New Post in Buffer.
  2. If including hashtags, reduce the number of hashtags and include fresh hashtags.
  3. Check to make sure your post does not include a URL in the caption or first comment, as Instagram considers this spam content.
  4. Please wait 24 hours and then attempt to publish the update again.


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