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Using the Buffer calendar feature on mobile

Sometimes you may need to schedule on the go. Take advantage of the calendar feature on our mobile app, making scheduling posts and managing your queues seamless. The calendar provides a visual snapshot of your monthly upcoming posts.

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This article contains the following sections:

  1. Navigating to the calendar view on mobile
  2. How to schedule a post in the calendar view on mobile 
  3. Editing posts in the calendar

Navigating to the calendar view on mobile

Open the Buffer app on your mobile device, and tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand menu, then tap Calendar. From the Calendar, you can see scheduled posts in a monthly view, or access a daily view by tapping on a date in the calendar (ex. September 30th). On Android, click the blue pencil icon in the lower left-hand corner. At this time, we don't support a weekly view in the mobile version of the calendar, but there is a daily view.

How to schedule a post in the calendar view on mobile

    1. Posts can be created from the calendar view by clicking the + icon in the upper right-hand corner, or tapping the date for which you’d like to schedule the post.


    2. Add your text, media attachments, and links to craft your post in the composer. Tap the + icon and select the social accounts where you want to share your posts.


    3. Tap Next and select a scheduling option. The scheduled post will display in the calendar on your specified time and date. 


Editing Posts in the calendar

Edit posts by tapping on the date in the calendar, then tapping on the ellipsis ("...") located in the top right corner of the post. Tap Edit this post to make changes.

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