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Switching organizations on the Buffer mobile app

Your Buffer account, the social channels you've connected, and the users you've invited make up your organization. This setup makes it simple to manage your social channels and team all in one place. As an individual Buffer user, you have your own organization (with the ability to add your own personal social channels that only you have access to), and you might also be part of another organization as a user with access to that organization's social channels. Learn more about the levels of user permissions here.

📝 This article is designed to help users with the Buffer mobile app. All instructions and screenshots are taken from the iOS app, and any steps that are different on Android are noted. You can find the desktop version of this article here.

  1. Tap the round avatar icon at the top left of your screen to see a list of social channels.

  2. At the top of this list, you will see the name of one of the organizations you belong to. Alternatively, you may see the words “My Organization” if the organization names have never been changed. Learn how to change organization names.

  3. Tap the name to open the menu, and then select which organization you want to work with. This will populate the channels for that organization.

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