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Why are my stats different between the Posts tab and the Overview tab?

You might notice that the metrics don't always match between the Overview tab and the Posts tab. This is because the Overview tab is measuring all of the engagement you received within the chosen date range, whereas the Posts tab is measuring the engagement on posts that were published within the chosen date range.

Let's say you publish a post on July 1 and it continues to get engagements into the first week of August. If you’re viewing the Overview tab with a date range of August 1 - August 31, the engagements received in the first week of August, on the post you published on July 1, will be included.

However, if you switch over to the Posts tab and use the same date range of August 1 - August 31, you would not see metrics from the post you published on July 1 because this tab is only looking at posts that were published in August.

When choosing a date range, try to keep this in mind:

  • Overview tab date range: All engagements received during this date range
  • Posts tab date range: Engagements received on posts published during this date range
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