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Do you support Instagram creator accounts?

Instagram offers two types of professional accounts — business accounts (for brands and organizations) and creator accounts (for public figures, artists, and influencers). If you’re unsure which type of Instagram account you have, please see here. Direct scheduling within Buffer is only supported for business accounts, not for creator accounts.

Whilst it’s possible to connect a creator account if it’s linked to a Facebook Page, unfortunately, due to API limitations, we won’t be able to publish any posts automatically and they will fail with the following error:

Uh-oh! It doesn't look like Instagram is seeing the profile as a business account. You can find info on how to fix this in our FAQ or get in touch and we'll be glad to help!

You will be able to use the reminders feature, but we would recommend converting to a business account in order to take advantage of all of our Instagram features. Learn how to do this here.

If you’d prefer to stick with a creator account, we would recommend disabling direct scheduling to force all posts to be scheduled as reminders. This way, you can avoid bumping into the error mentioned above.

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