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Troubleshooting mobile authentication

Are you having trouble signing up or logging into Buffer on the mobile app? If so, this could be related to being connected to the Internet via a VPN or having an ad blocker enabled. You can try disabling these if you’re experiencing issues logging in.

  1. First, double check the email address and password that you've entered. These are case sensitive and will cause an error if entered incorrectly.

  2. Second, if you're connected to the Internet via a VPN, try disabling the VPN. Apps like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc, let you browse the Internet securely and privately, but they can sometimes connect to servers located far away from you, which can have an impact on your Internet speed.

  3. Third, try disabling any ad blockers you have enabled. Ad blocking apps like AdBlockPlus, AdAway, etc, remove ads and popups from a webpage to give you a better experience. However, they sometimes mistake Buffer URLs for ads and block your devices from being able to talk to us.

If you're still experiencing issues, please feel free get in touch.

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