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Is it possible to schedule Instagram Stories on the Free plan?

The Instagram stories scheduling feature is only available on paid plans. However, it is possible to post to your Instagram story under certain circumstances if you're subscribed to the Free plan. Due to limitations with Instagram's API, we are only able to publish automatically to Instagram feeds, not to Instagram stories. However, if your post is scheduled as a reminder, you will then have the option to choose whether to publish to your feed or your story.

It is not possible to choose to schedule a post as a reminder. Instead, posts will be scheduled as reminders under certain conditions, such as your post including an image that is outside of Instagram's accepted aspect ratio range, or having direct scheduling disabled. In these cases, where a reminder is scheduled, you will be able to choose whether to publish to your feed or your story once the notification has come through to your phone and you have opened the Instagram app. Learn more about posting to your story once the notification comes through here.

Posts containing multiple images will also be scheduled as reminders, but in that case, you still wouldn’t have the option to post to your story as multiple images can only be published to your feed.

📝 If scheduling Instagram stories is important for you, we'd recommend upgrading to a paid plan to take advantage of the Instagram stories scheduling feature.

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