Refund policy

Every now and then, a good thing must come to an end. You might experience a change with your social channels, perhaps you're taking a break from social media, or maybe it's just time to move on from Buffer. While it's sad when that time comes, we want to do the best we can for you.

You're free to cancel your subscription at any point in your journey. If you're cancelling an annual subscription, you'll receive a prorated refund with active time being charged at the normal monthly rate.

If you stopped using your subscription a while ago, we're happy to provide a refund for any payment made within 60 days of the time you reached out to us.

Refunds will always be returned to the original card used to make the payment--we are unable to send refunds to any other payment method. The processing usually takes between 5-10 business days, and if the refund is made before the charge is authorized by your bank, it will be sent back as a reversal instead. This means the charge will drop off your bank statement or the original charge will be adjusted to reflect the refund.

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