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Buffer browser extension

⚡️ You're in the right article if you're looking to…

  • install the Buffer extension.
  • learn how to optimize your time by using the extension to share your content.

The more consistently we post, the more clicks and engagements we’ll receive. Let’s make it easy on ourselves by popping posts through Buffer’s browser extension (download the browser extension here).

The browser extension opens your Buffer composer on any image, blog post, or webpage, allowing you to schedule content without skipping a beat. Use it for posts or even use it to create ideas in Buffer. Most importantly, there’s no need to head back to your Buffer dashboard each time you want to share a link… because who has time for extra clicks these days?!

📝 Buffer’s browser extension is currently supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Installing the extension
  2. Creating a post using the extension
  3. Creating an idea using the extension
  4. More ways to use the extension

Installing the extension

To install the extension, head over to and click Install. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to add it to your browser.

Creating a post using the extension

  1. Whenever you come across a piece of content online that you would like to add to your queue, click on the Buffer icon at the top of your browser.


  2. From the dropdown menu, select Create Post.

  3. A new browser tab will open featuring the composer. Select the social channels you'd like to include by clicking on the avatars at the top of the composer.
  4. The title of the page along with a link to it, will be automatically pulled into each box (excluding Facebook), which you can then use to form your message.


  5. Schedule your post as you usually would within the dashboard. Guidance on media and scheduling options can be found here.

Creating an idea using the extension

  1. If you'd like to save a link as an idea to work on later, click on the Buffer icon at the top of your browser.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Save For Later. 

  3. A new browser tab will open with the Ideas composer open. You can add a caption or image to your idea. Then, click Save Idea to save it and work on later. If you change your mind and want to create a post instead, you can click click on Create Post if you're ready to schedule it.

More ways to use the extension

There are two additional ways to use the extension.

  1. If you find an image on a page that you’d like to use with your post or idea, right click on the image or hover over the image and click the blue Buffer button that appears. You'll see the following options:

    • Create a Post: This will allow you to create a scheduled post with the image.
    • Save for later: This will allow you to create an idea with the image to work on later.


  2. Another great tip is that you can easily share quotes by highlighting a snippet of text on the page and then clicking on the Buffer icon in your browser menu, or right clicking on the text and clicking either Create Post or Save for Later.

    • If you choose Create Post , the composer will open and you can select the channel(s) you want to post to. Once you select your channel(s), the highlighted text and URL of the website will appear in the caption of the post. 
    • If you choose Save for Later, the Ideas composer will open with the text that you highlighted in the caption and the URL of the website.


📝 Please note: As of February, 2021, if you add a link to your post that points to anything published on Facebook or Instagram, Buffer will no longer generate a link preview. Learn more about this change here.

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