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Buffer browser extension

The more consistently we post, the more clicks and engagement we’ll receive. Let’s make it easy on ourselves!

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Once installed, that little Buffer icon in your browser is the quickest way to populate information from any article, image, or snippet of text into your Buffer composer. Use it to schedule posts or to create an idea to flesh out later. 

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Creating a post or idea using the extension
  2. More ways to use the extension

Creating a post or idea using the extension

Feel free to watch this video or read the steps just below it.

  1. When you come across a piece of content online that you'd like to share on social, click on the Buffer icon at the top of your browser.

    A screenshot with a webpage open and clicking on the Buffer_extension_button

  2. From the dropdown menu, select Create Post if you're ready for it to be scheduled in your queue for publishing, or Save for Later to save it as an idea in your Create/Content area.
  3. A new browser tab with the Buffer composer showcasing content from the webpage will open. If you're scheduling a post, select the social channels you'd like to schedule it for.
  4. Finish your post as you normally would, using the AI Assistant, Canva, Hashtag Manager, or any other feature. Feel free to learn more about Scheduling posts and Creating ideas in Buffer.

📝 Please note: As of February, 2021, if you add a link to your post that points to anything published on Facebook or Instagram, Buffer will no longer generate a link preview. Learn more about this change here.

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More ways to use the extension

There are two additional ways to use the extension.

  1. If you find a snippet of text that you’d like to use in your post or idea, highlight the quote, right click it, select Buffer, and choose Create a post or Save for later.

  2. You can quickly share images by right clicking the image and following the same steps.

    image of a cursor clicking the Buffer web browser extension

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