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Re-ordering posts in your queue

It is sometimes necessary to change the order of the posts in your queue. You can do this by dragging and dropping posts into the desired order, or if you feel like really shaking things up, you can use the Shuffle feature to mix up the order of the first 200 posts in your queue.

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This article contains the following sections:

  1. Reordering posts using drag and drop
  2. Shuffling your queue

Reordering posts using drag and drop

Posts in your queue can be reordered using drag and drop. You can either drag and drop a post on top of another post to swap the order ("drap and swap"!), or you can drag and drop a post into an empty time slot in your queue.

📝 Please note, it is not possible to move custom scheduled posts using drag and drop, since those are locked in place. If you'd like to move a custom scheduled post, start by clicking Edit on the post. Once the post is open, click Edit to the right of the current date and time it's scheduled for. You can then choose an alternative date and time, or click Switch to schedule slots to remove the custom date and time and add the post to the next available slot in the queue.

Reordering posts Buffer

Shuffling your queue

⭐️ The Shuffle feature is available on our paid plans. Learn more about our plans and pricing here

The Shuffle feature allows you to mix up the order of the first 200 posts in your queue.

📝 Please note, you can only shuffle posts that are scheduled with the "Add to Queue" option. Posts that were scheduled for a custom date and time or posts added by clicking an empty time slot on the queue will not be shuffled since they are locked in place.

Select the channel on the left hand side of your dashboard that you'd like to shuffle the queue for, head to Settings, and then click Shuffle.

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