Scheduling Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a powerful channel to build your brand and engage customers. You can use Buffer Publish to prepare and schedule your Instagram Stories on web or mobile, and you’ll get a push notification to your phone with everything you need to complete your Story on Instagram. You will need to have the Buffer app installed on your mobile device.

Instagram Stories Scheduling is available on our Premium and Business plans. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

Buffer Analyze offers Instagram Stories analytics, allowing you to see your reach and completion rate of each story, as well as your total number of impressions and exits, and your average reach and completion rate. Learn more about Buffer Analyze plans and pricing here.

Planning and scheduling your Stories

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  1. To get started, select your Instagram account on the left hand side of your dashboard and head to the Stories tab.

  2. Open the composer at the top of your Stories Queue, or click Add to Story under your chosen day.

  3. In the Stories composer, click Add Media to choose the images and videos you'd like to include in your Story. You can upload up to 10 media files within one Story.

  4. Drag and drop your images and videos into the order you want. You’ll be able to adjust the cropping and positioning of each image and video when you finish the Story in Instagram.

  5. Hover over an image or video and click Add Note. This is where you can prepare your caption, or remind yourself to add stickers, polls, music, or hashtags to that part of your Story. When it's time for your Story to be published, you'll be able to copy the notes you added here and paste them into your Story.

    If you prefer to create images in advance with the text already on the image itself, why not check out the Buffer Stories Creator tool, where you can create thumb-stopping content in a quick and lightweight way!

  6. Use the Preview button to visualize how your Story will appear.

  7. Finally, click Schedule Story. Choose the desired date and time to receive the reminder and we'll send a push notification to your mobile device at that time.

Posting your Stories

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  1. When it's time for your Story to be published, you'll receive a push notification to your phone. Tapping the alert will bring you to a preview of your Story within the Buffer mobile app. Start by tapping Open in Instagram.

    The Instagram app will open, with the first image or video loaded within the Story creator screen.

  2. If you included notes for that piece of media when scheduling the Story, head back over to the Buffer app, where you'll find your notes displayed. Tap Copy to copy the notes to your clipboard, allowing you to paste them into your Story in the next step.

    Head back to the Instagram app. You can paste your notes to the Story using the Aa option at the top right corner of your screen.

    You can make any other changes you like, such as adding locations, polls, text, etc. If you have a verified Business Account, and you have 10,000 followers or more, you'll also have the option to include a link within your story. When a link is added, followers will see a "See More" link at the bottom of the screen, and can tap to view the link within the Instagram app. Tap on the link icon at the top of the screen and then enter the link you'd like to use.

  3. Once you're happy, tap Your story at the bottom left of your screen.

  4. Head back to the Buffer app and repeat these steps for the remainder of your images and videos.

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