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Attaching images, videos, and other media to your posts

When scheduling posts, the options for including media will vary depending on the social network you're sharing to. The table below outlines the types of media you can include for each network, as well as how many images you're able to include.

  Link preview Suggested media Image upload Video upload GIF upload
Facebook ✓ (4) ✓ (4) ✓ (1)  
Instagram   ✓ (*10) ✓ (*10) ✓ (1)  
Twitter   ✓ (4) ✓ (4) ✓ (1) ✓ (1)
LinkedIn ✓ (1) ✓ (1) ✓ (1) ✓ (1)
Pinterest   ✓ (1) ✓ (1) ✓ (1) ✓ (1)

* You are able to include up to 10 images as a swipe-able carousel when using our mobile apps or web app with one exception. When using the Omnibox, you'll only be able to include up to 4 images. You'll know you're in the Omnibox if you see the white button with blue writing that says, "Customize for each network". This is what it looks like.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Video walkthrough
  2. Link previews
  3. Suggested media
  4. Image, Video and GIF upload

Video walkthrough

In the video below, Katie, from our Customer Advocacy team, will walk you through the steps to schedule media content such as links, images and videos, within your posts.

Link previews

If you've included a link in your post, a link preview will be automatically generated for Facebook and LinkedIn. Link previews mirror what you would see if you were sharing a link natively to those social networks. If you prefer not to have the link displaying in the body of the post, you can remove it from the composer after the link preview has been generated. 

📝 Notes

  • As of February 2021, if you add a link to your post that points to anything published on Facebook or Instagram, Buffer will no longer generate a link preview. Learn more about this change here.
  • Facebook only allows customization of link previews if you are sharing a link to your own blog or website and you have set up Domain Verification through Facebook. This means that if you are sharing a link to somebody else's blog or website, you will not be able to customize the link preview. Learn more about how to set up Facebook Domain Verification here.

Link previews generated for LinkedIn can be customized, meaning you're able to modify the title, description, and image if you wish.

Suggested media

If you would prefer not to use the link preview, you can click Replace link preview with image or video. We will then scrape the link you've included and pull in any images found on the page. You're then able to click on any of those images to include with your post. 

Revisit the table at the top of this article to see how many suggested media images you're able to add to each of your posts.

📝 Notes

  • If you decide to replace the link preview, you'll want to make sure the URL is physically showing in the composer's textbox so that your followers can access it. The image or video you replace the link preview with will not be hyperlinked.
  • Please keep in mind when using the Suggested Media Feature that you are responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary licenses, rights, consent, and permissions to authorize Buffer to distribute your user content. For more information please see Section 8 of our Terms of Service.

Image, video, and GIF uploads

You can upload images, videos, or GIFs from your computer, Canva, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. We have full guides on each of these integrations here:


To see how many images you're able to upload for each social network, revisit the table at the top of this article.

We currently support JPG and PNG image files for all social networks, and additionally GIF files for Twitter and Pinterest. Image size requirements and resizing information for each social network can be found in this guide: Ideal image sizes and formats for your posts.


Video size, length, and file requirements, along with choosing a thumbnail and other important details for each social network can be found in this guide.


At the moment, we only support GIFs (up to 3MB) for posts scheduled to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It is not currently possible to share GIFs to Facebook or Instagram through Buffer. We apologize for the lack of flexibility there.

If you don't have a GIF of your own, feel free to use our Giphy integration. You can access Giphy files by choosing Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest in the composer and then clicking the paper icon near the bottom of your composer.

If you'd like to add separate GIFs for each of your social networks, select all of the Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest channels you'd like to post to, then customize each of their composers to include the GIF of your choice.

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