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Is it possible to remove the "Buffer" stamp from posts published to social networks?

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  • notice a "Published by Buffer" link on your published post and want to learn more about who it's visible to.

Some posts shared through Buffer will display a source stamp or hashtag that mentions that you used Buffer to share the post. This source stamp is something that is added by the social network and some customers have asked if it's possible to remove the mention of Buffer. Sadly, this is not possible as it's something that these social networks require of all third party apps. This article outlines where you will see these stamps.

Facebook pages

Posts published to Facebook pages will display a "Published by Buffer" link with the date and time the post was published. This is only visible to page admins and will not be visible to your page followers.

Posted by Buffer - Facebook page

Facebook groups

Posts published to Facebook groups will display a "Buffer" link, which is visible to everyone.

📝 Please note, posts published to a Facebook group will appear as being posted by the Facebook member who connected the group to Publish. Learn more about this here.

LinkedIn pages

Posts published to LinkedIn pages will display a "Posted by *name*" link, where *name* would be the person who authorized the connection with Buffer. So, if Angela Smith connected the LinkedIn page to the Publish account, all posts would display "Posted by Angela Smith". However, this is only visible to page Admins. Your followers will not see this link.

TikTok business accounts

Videos shared to TikTok will have a #Buffer hashtag that will be pre-filled into the caption. This hashtag can be removed while editing the caption. 

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