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Adding mentions (tags) in posts

There are times when you'll want to callout another social account in your posts. These are sometimes called "at mentions," "@mentions," or "tags."

This article will explain more about mentioning other accounts in your posts, and it contains the following sections:

  1. Facebook page mentions
  2. Twitter mentions
  3. Instagram mentions
  4. LinkedIn mentions
  5. Mastodon mentions
  6. TikTok mentions

💡 Your questions answered

  • You can mention (tag) Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, LinkedIn pages, Mastodon users, TikTok accounts, and Twitter profiles in posts scheduled through Buffer.
  • It is not currently possible to mention Facebook profiles, Facebook groups, LinkedIn profiles, or Pinterest profiles in posts scheduled through Buffer.

Facebook page mentions

You can mention other Facebook pages in posts that you are scheduling to be shared to a Facebook page. To mention a Facebook page in your post, type in the @ symbol and start typing the first few letters of the Facebook page you’d like to mention. Matching results will be returned and you can click on the page you'd like to include.

📝 If you are posting to more than one social network in the composer, your tag will default to Twitter. To ensure you tag the right handle for each social network, choose "Customize for each network" and work directly in the Facebook composer before adding your tags.

Tips for finding the right Facebook page

  • If the page name contains spaces, it can help to replace the space with an underscore symbol when you type the name. For example, "Runner's World" could be typed as "Runners_World" to find the right page.
  • Some brands have multiple Facebook pages under the same name, making it difficult to identify the page you're looking for. Here's an example. Each Facebook page has an ID, which is the string of numbers that appear in the list of matching results. You can find which ID relates to which page by heading to (where you'd replace page-id-here with one of those IDs). You'd then be taken to that specific page.

Twitter mentions

To mention a Twitter profile in your tweet, type in the @ symbol and start typing the first few letters of the Twitter account you’d like to mention. Matching results will be returned and you can click on the account you'd like to include.

Instagram mentions

Due to API limitations, we’re not able to autocomplete mentions of Instagram accounts. That said, you can still include mentions in your post but you would need to type in the exact handle you’d like to include. You can include up to five mentions within one post. Once published to Instagram, the account you mentioned will become hyperlinked.

📖 Interested in tagging people in your images? Learn how to tag images in Instagram posts that are sent through direct scheduling! Tagging in images is only available for directly scheduled Instagram posts at this time.

LinkedIn mentions

LinkedIn mentions / tagging works differently from other networks.

To mention a LinkedIn Page, copy and paste the LinkedIn URL for that Page in the composer (eg: to mention Buffer, you would copy and paste our LinkedIn URL that looks like this:

Unlike other platforms, there isn’t a way to type @PageName to mention a LinkedIn Page. However, we’ll remind you with a pop-up message to copy and paste the URL if you type the “@“ sign.

📝 LinkedIn mentions Good-to-Knows

  • Mentions will not be visible in queued posts on the Buffer mobile app.
  • It is not possible to mention LinkedIn profiles or groups, only LinkedIn Pages.

Mastodon mentions

You can mention users by typing out their full address, e.g.

Note that any usage of @word will be interpreted as mentioning the local user with the username word, if that user exists.

Only the username part will count against your character limit – the domain is not counted. 

TikTok mentions

You can mention a TikTok user by typing out their exact handle in the caption of your post (e.g. @‌bufferapp). Once published to TikTok, the account you mentioned will become hyperlinked. 

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