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Why channels are appearing as "Unavailable" when attempting to connect them to Buffer

If you're seeing that your social channel is marked as "Unavailable" when looking to connect it to Buffer, it's likely that it is currently connected to another Buffer organization. Since social channels can only be connected to one Buffer organization at a time, these social channels are marked as "Unavailable."

Options to get this resolved

Let's work to remove your social channel from the other organization so that it's available to connect to yours.

Option #1

If you think back and remember that you do have access to the Buffer account that the social channel is connected to, remove the channel from that Buffer account by following these steps. From there, it's ready to connect to any other Buffer account.

⚠️ When removing a social channel from Buffer, all of the queued posts and analytics for that social channel will also be deleted. 

Option #2

If you aren't sure which Buffer account the social channel is connected to, it'll help to think back. In case it helps spark your memory, the most common organizations we see social channels connected to are:

  • Past social media managers you've worked with,
  • Current or former team members at your company, and
  • Old Buffer accounts you've personally used.

Whichever is the case, you'll want to ask that Buffer account owner to remove the social channel from Buffer in order to make it available to connect to your Buffer account.

Option #3

If you can't think of who might have ownership of your social channel in Buffer, you're welcome to reach out to our Customer Advocates via our ticket form here, and we'll be happy to lend a hand. Please make sure to provide the following so we can track down the channel as quickly as possible for you:

  1. A screenshot (like the one above, but without the blur) of the social channel that is marked as "Unavailable" to show your ownership. Here's how.
  2. The URL to the social channel (e.g.
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