Adding Buffer tools to your organization

You've likely landed on this article because your organization is missing access to one of Buffer’s tools. Using the publishing/engagement and analytics tools together allows you to maximize your team’s social media strategy by giving you access to schedule, publish, engage with, and analyze posts alongside your team with efficiency and ease.

Keep reading to learn how to switch between organizations, as well as how to add more Buffer tools to your own organization.

How do organizations work with tools?

Each organization you’re a part of could have access to different Buffer tools. For example, the organization you own may only have access to our publishing and engagement tools, while the organization you’re a user of may have access to our publishing, engagement, and analytics tools. This is dependent on the subscriptions that each organization has signed up for.

How to add more tools to your own organization

If you’re the owner of the organization that doesn’t currently have access to the tool you’ve selected in the dashboard, you might choose to sign up for access. Or, if you’re not the owner, we’ll let you know who your administrator is so you can chat with them about signing up. Having access to all of Buffer’s tools allows you to maximize your team’s social media strategy. Learn more here: What is Buffer and where can I watch a demo?

How to switch between organizations

If you’re working within an organization that doesn’t have a subscription for the tool you’re trying to access, you’ll be prompted to switch to an organization that does have access (if one is available). Click the button to switch, or alternatively, click your profile avatar at the top right of your dashboard and select the organization you’d like to switch to from there.

Buffer organizations dropdown

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