Consolidating multiple Buffer accounts

If you currently have multiple Buffer accounts and you’re looking to consolidate, you'll need to decide which plan you'd like to subscribe to. Check out all of our plans and pricing here.

A social channel can only be connected to one Buffer account at a time, so once you’ve decided which plan works best for you, you will need to remove the social channels from your old account, then reconnect them to the new account. Feel free to read more on how to remove social channels here, and how to connect social channels here.

📝 It is important to note that when you remove a social channel from your Buffer account, all posts and data associated with the channel will be lost. Please create a backup of any data you wish to keep before removing your channels.

Once you have reconnected all your social channels to your new Buffer account, it is best to delete the other Buffer account to avoid confusion. Feel free to do that by following these steps.

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