How to set up an email signup form on your Start Page

Start Page has become even more powerful with its newest capabilities. Our Mailchimp integration can now help you to build an email list for your marketing initiatives, such as newsletters and promotions. Email marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to directly connect with your audience and reach people who are already interested in hearing from you!

In this article:

  1. Setting up your Mailchimp account and creating a signup form
  2. Creating a form
  3. Setting things up in Start Page

Setting up your Mailchimp account and creating a signup form

  1. If you don’t have a Mailchimp account, create one here. You can select the Free plan!
  2. After you’ve verified your email, add your personal details.
  3. Select “Grow my list of email subscribers,” then select “Signup forms: Gather new subscribers with pop-up or embedded forms.”

What's your top goal with Mailchimp? prompt - Grow my list of email subscribers

Start Page email signup form process in Mailchimp

  1. Choose the number of email contacts you have (and don’t worry if it’s zero!). If you have an existing list, you can import it later on.
  2. Choose the option that suits you best at How do you sell to your customers?

Mailchimp prompt - How do you sell to your customers? options

  1. Next, enter your website (or feel free to skip this).
  2. Confirm the Free option.

Creating a form

  1. Within your Mailchimp Account, navigate to Audience > Signup forms > Embedded forms.
  2. Select the options in the Embedded Form Builder, and click Continue. Your form is ready! 🎉
  3. Copy the HTML code. You’ll need this for the next step, back over in Buffer!

Setting things up in Start Page

  1. Add the new Email Signup Form block to your Start Page.
  2. Log into MailChimp in a new tab.
  3. Visit the Audience > Signup forms > Embedded forms page and copy the HTML code. Make sure you’re set up for GDPR!
  4. Back in Start Page, paste the HTML code into the Audience block field.
  5. Click Publish.

📝 Good-to-Knows

  • Start Page is not available on mobile, this is an update to the web app only.
  • This feature is available on Free, Essentials, Team, and Agency plans.
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