Report Start Page or content published via Buffer

We believe it’s important to take action against harmful content, false information disguised as truth, discriminatory language, and other inappropriate content published via Buffer, whether shared via Buffer Publishing or using a Start Page powered by Buffer.

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How to report Start Page or other content published via Buffer

If you've come across a Start Page or content published via Buffer that you perceive to violate our Terms of Use, we'd be grateful if you would report the content to us via this content report form.

You can also access this form directly from the Start Page by clicking the menu icon (three dots) next to "Powered by Buffer" and then clicking Report this Start Page.

Report a Start Page

Examples of content that might violate our Terms:

  • intellectual property infringement;
  • falsely Impersonating some other person, organization or entity;
  • false or misleading information presented as truth;
  • hate speech, abusive or harmful content;
  • astroturfing, phishing, and spam;
  • etc

How to distinguish content that might be published via Buffer

  1. You can see Buffer at the bottom of the post like in this example.
  2. Any social media posts containing a link.
  3. a [username] powered by Buffer

How to report inappropriate or harmful content directly to the social networks

If you believe the content also violates the terms of the associated social network, you can also report inappropriate content directly to the social networks so that they can take action on their end. Below are the relevant links:

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