How to use the new calendar feature on Buffer

Scheduling your posts is now more seamless than ever with our improved calendar feature. Thanks to your feedback, we've evolved our calendar to include more features such as filtering posts, changing your calendar views, and creating new posts!

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In this article:

  1. Navigating to the calendar and choosing your view 
  2. Filtering social channels
  3. Creating and editing posts in the calendar 
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating to the calendar and choosing your view 

You can navigate to your calendar by clicking Calendar in the upper left-hand menu from your dashboard.

Calendar View - left side panel of Buffer

From there, you can select your desired view by toggling between Week and Month.

Week/Month toggle in the Buffer calendar

Filtering your social channels

One of the cool new features within the calendar is the ability to view posts from one or several of your social channels all at once. Filtering your posts is simple; just click on the AllChannels drop-down menu in the taskbar and select or deselect social channels until you've created your desired view.

Channel selector in Buffer's caledar

📝 When navigating to the calendar, all channels will be selected by default. You can deselect all channels simultaneously by clicking All Channels in the drop-down menu to remove the checkmark. Or if you'd prefer, you can deselect social accounts one by one.

GIF of how to show all channels in the Buffer calendar

Creating, editing and deleting posts in the calendar

Instead of navigating back to your queue, you can create, edit and delete posts right from the calendar view.

GIF of creating a post in the Buffer calendar

Creating Posts

  1. To get started, click the blue Create Post button located in the upper right-hand corner of the taskbar, or click on the time and date you'd like to schedule the post.

Create Post button in the Buffer calendar

  1. The composer will display and you can select your desired social channels, create your content, and schedule your post. From there, you'll see your newly created post displayed in the calendar on your specified date.

Buffer composer with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn selected

Editing posts

  1. To update the text or media file of a post, click on the post in the calendar and select the Edit option. This will open a preview of your post, from which you can make the necessary changes and then hit Save.
  2. If you only need to reschedule a post rather than update it, you can easily move the post over to the new date and time using the drag-and-drop option.

Deleting posts

To delete a post, click on the post and select the Delete option.

Deleting a post from the Buffer calendar

📝 Notes

  • You need to have Full Posting Access to channels to be able to create posts from the calendar view. 
  • When creating a post from the calendar’s Create Post button, you might notice that any of the social channels that are currently filtered to show in the calendar are preselected in the composer, as well. Make sure to deselect any social channels you don’t want that post to publish to.
  • A quick note on timezones: The calendar will autodetect your current timezone from your browser, which displays in the top taskbar for reference. If your social channel is set to a different timezone than your computer is set to, the post will be reflected in your current timezone, but it will still publish at the correct time. For instance, if my post is scheduled to publish at 5pm on my London account, but I'm in EST, I'll see that post in my calendar is set to publish at 12pm EST (which is 5pm BST, London time). There isn't a way to see the timezone each social channel is set to from the calendar itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I see a larger version of my post when I click on it in the calendar?

When hovering or clicking on the posts in your calendar view, you currently won’t be able to view a preview. We’re working on adding this functionality.

  • Can I slide my posts to different time slots in my calendar?

You can reschedule posts from inside the Calendar by dragging & dropping them to the desired new time and date.

  • What does it mean if my post is "pinned" or has a star on it?

In the calendar view, a post that is locked in place will be considered "pinned" in place and have a “star” icon next to it when you click on the post. A pinned post is a post that was created by clicking on an empty queue slot (like this) rather than using the “add to queue” option. These posts are tied to a specific slot and wouldn't move, even when other posts in the queue are removed.

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