How do I schedule posts for multiple social channels at the same time?

Buffer lets you easily schedule posts to multiple social channels using the + New Post button.

You won’t be able to schedule posts for multiple social channels if you choose a specific time slot in the queue, since those slots are designated for that specific channel and posting schedule.

Click the + New Post button to open the composer and then simply click each channel that you want the post to be scheduled to. As you make your selections, channel avatars will be colored. Channel avatars that are not selected will remain uncolored.

Buffer composer with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook selected

For guidance on customizing your post for each social network, as well as scheduling options, hop over to the Scheduling posts guide.

📝 After you've scheduled the posts, they become separate from each other. If you need to make edits or delete the post, you will need to make those changes for each post in each channel queue.

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