How many posts can I schedule in advance?

The plan you're subscribed to will determine how many posts you're able to schedule in advance. See our plans here: Features available on each Buffer plan.

Plan Scheduled posts per social channel*
Free plan 10 per channel, up to 30 total if you have 3 channels connected.
Essentials  2,000
Team Plan 2,000

*The post limit includes both scheduled posts in your queue/calendar as well as scheduled draft posts.

This is not a daily, weekly, or monthly limit, this is the number of posts you can store in each social channel's queue at any one time.

For example, if you're on the Free plan and you already have 10 posts in one of your queues, you wouldn't be able to add any more until the queue count for that channel is less than 10. Put another way, if you share 1 post per day, you'd be able to schedule up to 10 days in advance on the Free plan.

Here's a quick video explainer on how this works in your account:

It's good to keep in mind that we also have daily posting limits in place for each social network, which you can learn about here: Daily posting limits.

You might notice that our pricing page states that we offer unlimited scheduled posts with a fair usage policy of 2,000 per channel.

We state that this is unlimited as it's extremely rare for any user to get close to the 2,000 post cap. In fact, to hit that cap, you'd have to schedule 465 posts a week, or 66 posts a day to just one channel. It's so rare that out of the 200,000 social accounts connected to Buffer, only 18 come close to this cap—yet still don't reach it.

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