Instagram Shop Grid on the Buffer mobile app

Shop Grid is an Instagram grid-inspired landing page editable within your Buffer dashboard. With Shop Grid, you can guide followers from your Instagram "link in bio" to your online store and content without the use of third-party tools or design resources (and without changing your link every time you share a new post!).

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In this article:

  1. Setting up your Shop Grid page
  2. Adding your Shop Grid link to your Instagram bio
  3. Adding links to your Instagram posts

Setting up your Shop Grid page

  1. Tap the menu button (the three horizontal bars) at the top left of your screen and select your Instagram account.
  2. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  3. In the list, you'll see Manage Shop Grid and Copy Shop Grid URL. Feel free to copy your URL to add it to your Instagram bio at any time, but for now, tap Manage Shop Grid.
Tap Instagram, then Settings, then Manage Shopgrid to open Shopgrid on mobile
Tap Instagram, then Settings, then Manage Shopgrid to open Shopgrid on mobile
  1. Here, you'll see your latest 100 published posts, along with any scheduled posts in your queue. You're able to add up to three custom links that will display at the top of your Shop Grid page. These are links that you may wish to highlight to your followers. For example, a link to your online store, a holiday sale, or event registration. See some cool examples from Buffer customers here.
  2. For iOS app users, you can add a hyperlink on any Instagram post, by tapping on the post and pasting your URL in.
  3. Android app users can add a URL when creating their post in the composer. However, the option to add a URL to an existing post is not available on our Android app yet, so you'll need to add links to your existing Instagram posts via the web version of Shop Grid.
  1. From the "Manage Shop Grid" view, tap Preview to view how your page looks. Note that only the posts with URLs added will show on your Shop Grid Page.
  2. Tap Done and then Cancel to get back to your Instagram settings. Then, tap Copy Shop Grid URL and head to Instagram to add it to your bio.

Adding links to your Instagram posts

This feature is currently available on our iOS app. If you're an Android user, you can add links to your Instagram posts via Shop Grid on the web version of Buffer.

  1. The easiest way to add a link is to include it when you're scheduling a post. Add the link you'd like to direct users to within the composer's URL field.

Adding a URL to an Instagram post

  1. If you'd like to add or remove a post's URL after it's been published, go back to your Instagram settings, tap Manage Shop Grid, and tap on any image to add or remove your URL. 

You're now ready to send followers to your Shop Grid. Any image they tap will take them to your chosen URL, further extending your brand's impact.

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