Pausing your queue on the Buffer mobile app

There are occasions when you might wish to pause your queue in order to stop posts from being published. Buffer has a built-in pause feature allowing you to do just that!

📝 Looking for the web browser version of "Pausing your queue"? 

  1. Tap the menu and select the channel you'd like to pause.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Toggle Pause Queue on and confirm.
  4. To unpause, tap the Unpause button at the top of your channel's queue.

📝 Good-to-Knows

  • Pausing your queue is done on a per-channel basis. If you have multiple channels that you'd like to pause, you will need to pause each queue individually.
  • Once your queue is unpaused, the posts you had scheduled using the “Add to Queue” option will automatically be placed into the next available time slots (in the original order in which they were scheduled). Posts that were scheduled for a specific date and time that has since passed will show as failed and will need to be rescheduled or deleted.
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