Creating, managing, and approving draft posts on the mobile app

When you compose a post, you'll have the option to save the post as a Draft. This is helpful if you're not ready to finish the post or would like to request approval from a team member before it is added to the queue.

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In this article:

  1. Permissions needed to work with draft posts
  2. Accessing draft posts
  3. Creating, editing, or deleting draft posts
  4. Moving drafts to the queue
  5. Managing draft posts

Permissions needed to work with draft posts

The options available when it comes to creating and managing draft posts will depend on your level of permissions.

  Edit, delete, and move their own posts to the queue Approve, delete, and edit others' drafts Request approval for their own drafts
Organization owners  
Users with Full Posting access  
Users with Approval Required access    

Accessing draft posts

You can access your drafts by tapping the Drafts tab on the bottom menu of the app. Drafts that you or your team have composed on the web will also appear here.

Creating, editing, and deleting draft posts

  1. Tap Create Post.
  2. Once you're done composing, select Next and then choose Save as Draft.
  3. If you'd like to save the draft in a specific timeslot in your calendar or queue, choose Schedule as Draft.
  4. To make modifications or to delete a draft post, tap Edit or Delete on the draft.

Moving drafts to the queue

Account owners and users with Full Posting Access can move any draft from the drafts list directly to the queue by tapping Add to Queue. Users with Approval Required access will tap Request Approval instead, and their post will land in the “Pending Approval” tab.

Arrow pointing to the Add to queue button on the iOS app

Managing draft posts

Once a user with Approval Required access has requested approval on their drafts, they will appear in the Awaiting Approval tab. Both the Buffer organization owner and users with Full Posting Access are able to review and approve drafts in this tab.

Arrow pointing to the Request Approval button in the iOS app

Approving a draft post

To approve a post right away, simply tap Approve and it will be moved into the time specified when the post was created or the next available time slot in the queue if no time was specified.

Arrow pointing to the Approve button on a draft post in the iOS app

Moving a draft post back to the drafts list

If you'd like to move the post back to the drafts list, for the user to continue working on it, tap Move to Drafts. If they have notifications enabled, the user who created the post will receive an email notification that their post has been moved back to Drafts.

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