Scheduling posts on the Buffer mobile app

Scheduling your social media posts couldn't be easier! Using the tailored posts composer, you can customize your post for each social network you're sharing to.

📝 Looking for the web version of "Scheduling Posts"?

  1. Tap the + or pencil icon at the bottom of your screen. This will open up the composer. 
  2. The social channel you were viewing before opening the composer will already be selected. If you'd like to share to multiple channels, tap the + icon and then tap any channels you'd like to include. Finally, tap Done or the back arrow at the top of your screen. 

GIF of scheduling a post in the Buffer mobile app

  1. To finish your post, compose the caption, add your media attachments, add alt text to certain images, or add a tag.
  2. Tap Next and select a scheduling option. Unless you selected Share Now, your post should now show up within your queue and calendar.
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