How to delete posts in bulk in the Buffer mobile app

If there's an issue with posting to one of your channels and several posts fail, you can remove your failed posts in bulk by using one of two methods.

In this article: 

  1. Clean Queue
  2. Empty Queue

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Clean Queue

If you'd like to remove all of the failed posts in one of your queues, you can use Clean Queue. Note that Clean Queue will not impact scheduled posts.

  1. Open your Buffer mobile app and tap the menu icon in the upper left of your screen.
  2. Tap the social channel where you'd like to remove the failed posts.
  3. Tap Settings in the bottom right corner of the app.
  4. Tap Clean Queue.
  5. Tap Yes to confirm.

Empty Queue

If you'd like to remove all posts from your queue, including both failed posts and scheduled posts, you can use Empty Queue.

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above.
  2. Tap Empty Queue.
  3. Tap Yes to confirm.
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