Creating Facebook and Instagram stories using Buffer Stories Creator

Storytelling has long been the common thread that connects us. With over 500 million combined daily active users, Facebook and Instagram stories represent a major opportunity for brands and businesses looking to expand and engage with their audiences on social media. Using Buffer Stories Creator, you can take advantage of that opportunity by creating thumb-stopping content for stories in a quick and lightweight way. And best of all, the tool is completely free — whether you've got a Buffer account or not!

Buffer's Stories Creator interface

Creating story images

  1. Head over to Buffer Stories Creator.
  2. You can either choose an image or a background color. Click Upload Image to choose an image you'd like to use, or click Background Color to choose the color you'd like to use. If you upload an image after choosing a background color, the image will override the color, and vice versa.

    📝 You'll also notice a handful of templates you can use at the top of the stories creator tool. They might make a nice starting point if you're new to creating content for Facebook and Instagram stories!

  3. If you have additional graphics you'd like to add to your story image, click Upload Image under the Logo or Graphic header. Once added, you can resize and position the graphic however you'd like. To remove a graphic, select it, and then click the cross icon on the left hand side.
  4. Now it's time to add text to your image. Select or deselect TitleBody, and Caption on the left hand side of the page. Position the text boxes wherever you'd like on the image. You can change the font of the text, as well as its size, color and alignment. Simply click on the text and a toolbar with all the options will appear.
  5. Now that you are done with your image, it's time to share it! Click Download Image at the bottom of the page. You can now go ahead and use Buffer to schedule and publish your story. Here’s more about scheduling Instagram posts, reels, stories, and notifications in Buffer.
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