Getting started with Buffer's engagement features

Replying to comments on social media can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! Buffer’s engagement features allow you to engage with your followers quickly and easily across Facebook Pages and Instagram business accounts. With a few clicks, you can reply or react with an emoji and make sure every comment is answered.

Plus, with our sentiment and label features, you won’t miss an opportunity to connect with your customers. You can quickly see negative comments, questions, or comments about your orders — right from your dashboard!

Our engagement features are currently available on our paid plans. On our Free plan and want to try it out? Click here to start a free 14-day trial of one of our paid plans!

Get started with just a few quick steps!

  1. From the web version of Buffer, click the Engagement tab. 
  2. Choose a social channel.
  3. Find a post with unanswered comments or filter your posts by sentiment.
  4. Click on a post to select it.
  5. Enter a reply in the comment field or click to add an emoji. 
  6. Click Send or hit enter on your keyboard.

Congratulations, you've just engaged with your first comment! 🎉 

Ready to take engagement to the next level? Check out our full guide to Engaging with Instagram and Facebook comments here.

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