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Quick Navigator allows you to swiftly access your channels, analytics, composer or any frequently visited pages using just your keyboard! Using our Quick Navigator and shortcuts, you can do things like search your channels, open the Ideas composer, or hop from Publishing to Analytics, all with a few strokes of the keyboard.

In this article:

  1. Accessing Quick Navigator
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Full Command List

Accessing Quick Navigator

  1. Use [CMD]/[CTRL] + [k] to open the Quick Navigator.
  2. Type your search in the field. We will show matching results as soon as you start typing.
  3. Navigate the results with your up and down cursor keys.
  4. Run the command by pressing [ENTER]/[RETURN] on your keyboard.

Jump between pages with nested commands

While commands might be enough for some, they weren't for us. That's why we created commands within commands (a.k.a. nested commands). Feel free to watch this 20-second video or read the steps below.

For example, you may want to directly jump to the Drafts tab in a specific channel. To do this from the Quick Navigator, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Quick Navigator using [CMD/CTRL] + [k] and type your channel name,
  2. Use your up and down arrows to highlight your desired channel,
  3. Press [TAB] to see the options available to you and select one by clicking or using your up/down arrows + [RETURN/ENTER].

📝 Good-to-Knows

  • To easily navigate to any of your social channel queues, type "channels" to see a list.
  • To quickly see all channels for a certain network, type the network name, e.g. "Facebook".

Keyboard shortcuts

While using the Quick Navigator, you'll see keyboard shortcuts displayed for certain commands. 

Buffer's Quick Navigator shortcuts

Take note of these keyboard shortcuts so you can run commands without even opening the Quick Navigator. For example, from anywhere in Buffer, use "ga" to have Buffer speedily pop you into your Analytics tab (ga = go to analytics). 

You'll find a list of shortcuts below in the full command list.

Full Command List

Before using a command under the "What to type" column, ensure your Quick Navigator is open by using [CMD]/[CTRL] + [k]. You can use any of the "Shortcut" commands without the Quick Navigator.

Action desired What to type Shortcut Action taken
Go to a channel's queue Channel name   Takes you to that channel's queue
Create a new Post "New post" np Opens the composer within your Publishing tab
Create a new Idea "New idea" ni Takes you to the ideas composer within your Create tab
Connect a channel or manage your channels

"New channel"

"Manage channel"

nc Takes you to the Channel connection area within your Account area
Open your Analytics tab "Analyze" ga Takes you to the Analytics tab
Open your Engagement tab "Engagement" ge Takes you to the Engagement tab
Open your Publishing tab "Publishing" gp Takes you to the Publishing tab
Open your Start Page editor "Start Page" gs Takes you to the Start Page editor
View all of your ideas "Ideas" gi Takes you to the Create tab to see all of your ideas
Visit the Calendar view "Schedule" gc Opens your Calendar view
Submit a feature request "Feedback Feature"   Opens Buffer | Feature Request Form in a new tab
Visit the Help Center



  Opens Buffer's Help Center in new tab
View our latest feature improvements "Whats new"   Opens in a new tab
Get in touch



  Opens the help widget in the lower right-hand corner
View all of the channels of a certain social network (i.e., all of your Instagram channels) Type the social network name   Shows all channels of that network type
View all of your channels "channel"   Lists all of the channels you have connected to Buffer
See your billing information, such as invoices, plan, and next payment amount





  Lands you in the Billing page within your Account area
Change your email or password, or delete your Buffer account


"Email" "Password"

  Sends you to your Account page
Dismiss a comment in the Engagement tab   While in the Engagement tab, use CTRL/CMD+D Dismisses the comment you're on
Go back to the previous comment within the Engagement tab   While in the Engagement tab, use the up key Takes you to the previous comment
Go to the next comment within the Engagement tab   While in the Engagement tab, use the down key Takes you to the next comment
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