Understanding labels and sentiments when engaging with Facebook and Instagram comments

When you're engaging with your Facebook and Instagram comments, you’ll notice some helpful small icon indicators on the thumbnails that let you quickly see how many unanswered comments you have and the sentiments you’ll find within.

Six images within the engagement dashboard; four have comments and three have sentiment labels

These sentiment labels focus on unanswered questions, replies about orders, or negative comments. Learn more about each sentiment in this guide.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Video walkthrough
  2. The Question label
  3. The Order label
  4. The Negativity label

Video walkthrough

In the video below, Katie, from our Customer Advocacy team, will walk you through how to understand labels and sentiments within Buffer's engagement tools.

The Question label

Simply put, any comment that has contains ‘?’ or ‘¿’ will be labeled with a question mark icon in Buffer. This helps you easily identify which comments need an answer from you.

The Order label

We identify and label common words that are often found in comments that discuss an order or shipment. These words include:

‘order’, ‘package’, ‘shipping’, ‘shipment’, ‘shipped’, ‘tracking’, ‘delivery’, ‘deliveries’, ‘delivered’, ‘orders’, ‘ordered’, ‘pay’, ‘payment’, ‘paid’, ‘buy’, ‘bought’, ‘parcel’, ‘packet’, ‘post’, ‘postage’, ‘box’, ‘dispatch’, ‘Fedex’, ‘UPS’, ‘purchase’, ‘purchased’, ‘transaction’, ‘sale’, ‘sold’, ‘courier’, ‘address’, ‘consignment’, ‘mail’, ‘mailing’, ‘returns’, ‘refund’, ‘discount’, 'reimbursement’, ‘didn’t arrive’, ‘customs’, ‘size’, ‘sizes’

At the moment, you may find comments with the "order" label applied because one of the words above is included in a person’s username. We intend to improve this in the future to exclude usernames.

The Negativity label

We use machine learning to determine whether a comment might have a “negative” sentiment. Our model looks for certain words or word patterns that suggest the commenter is angry or upset. These comments will be labeled with an exclamation mark within Buffer.

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