Enabling notifications in Buffer

Would you like to receive an email notification when your queue needs topping up or if a post fails to send? If so, follow the instructions below.

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Click on your profile avatar at the top right of your Buffer dashboard and then click on Notification Settings.

The table below outlines the various notifications you can enable/disable.

Queue status updates We'll send an email notification when the status of your queue changes, such as when posts successfully publish or when the queue is empty. 
Post failures We'll send an email notification if a post fails to send.
Collaboration We'll send an email notification whenever a user on your team makes a contribution, such as when a draft post is waiting for approval or when a post is moved back to drafts. Learn more about drafts and approvals here.
Newsletter We'll send occasional newsletters to let you know about the latest features and tips. This is a great notification to have enabled so you can keep up with what's happening with the product.
Celebrations We'll send occasional email notifications celebrating your posting achievements.
Billing We'll send billing related emails such as annual subscription reminders and payment success emails.

📝 Notes

  • If you have an Essentials + Team plan, your users with Full Posting Access will receive notifications related to the social channels they are invited to.
  • Transactional emails such as notifications when a payment fails or when your card is expiring will still be sent even if you opt out of billing related emails. You cannot opt out of security and password related emails. 
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