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Adding your Start Page link to your Social Media Channels

Social media is great platform for interacting with your audience. While you can share a link to each of your blog posts, videos or products, it is also great to have a micro-site in your profile which contains all of this info about your brand in one spot.

A Start Page is a simple and beautiful tool that can do exactly this. Tell your audience more about your brand, point to your content and let your audience know how they can contact you!

How to add your Start Page link to your Social Media Profiles

Once you copy your Start Page link from your Buffer dashboard, you immediately have the option to head over to the settings page for each of your social media channels. 


That's it! Don't forget to @mention us on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram so we can peruse your Start Page!

To learn even more about adding your Start Page link to your Instagram and TikTok channels, click here




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