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How to redirect or forward your own domain to your Start Page domain

Want a Start Page, but don’t want the domain that comes with it?

Currently, after you first build your Start Page, you’re able to select our standard [your choice] domain. However, you may already have ownership of a domain name such as [yourchoice].com that you’d like to reserve for your Start Page.

This article walks you through how you can do that using a masked redirect or domain forwarding.

A masked redirect or domain forwarding redirects users to a URL of your choice but keeps the domain name in the browser. So, [yourchoice].com could redirect to [yourchoice] but the user would still see [yourchoice].com in the browser URL.

📝 You would need to have already purchased a domain in order to redirect/forward your domain to your Start Page. Buffer doesn’t sell domains at this time but there are several domain name providers that you can contact. Some are listed below.

Here are the steps to follow for some domain name providers:

If you purchased your domain name from a provider that isn’t listed above, kindly search the help guides for your domain name provider for “masked redirect”, “stealth forwarding”, “domain forwarding”. If you don’t seem to be finding the relevant information, kindly contact us and share the name of your domain name provider so we can help.

⚠️ A drawback to using masked redirect or domain forwarding is that in can affect your SEO score since there are now two copies of your site showing the same content. In this case, search engines will decide which domain to pick over the other and as such your overall SEO score may be lowered. Although we don’t have a timeline, we’re currently looking into other solutions to improve this for you

📝 Start Pages are deleted automatically whenever the corresponding Buffer account is deleted.

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